We Are a Dental Digital Imaging Practice – Proud Owners Of A Itero Element 2

itero element 2 - We Are a Dental Digital Imaging Practice

iTero Element 2 We’ll Make a Great First Impression The iTero Element Scanner is a state-of-the-art digital scanning system that eliminates the need for unpleasant traditional alginate impressions—no more messy putty in your mouth! With our iTero Element Scanner, we can digitally capture a detailed, 3D model of your teeth and gums. Not only is […]

A Quicker and Easier Way to Whiten Your Teeth

Iveri Speed Teeth Whitening Kit This professional-level light-activated home whitening system delivers visible results in only 20 minutes, with no need for custom trays or uncomfortable, messy whitening strips. Ideal for patients who want to lighten teeth quickly before important events, such as weddings or professional portraits. Package includes one LED light, one attachable reusable […]

Cannabis in Canada and its Dental Consequences

Now that cannabis use is legal in Canada, we are seeing more dental patients experiencing symptoms related to cannabis use. The most common oral health risks are: Staining Xerostomia (Dry Mouth) This can lead to cavities. Attachment loss Gingival enlargement (Puffy gums) Cannabis causes excessive oral dryness, whether it is taken for recreational or medical […]