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Tooth Extractions


  • Tooth could be removed due to decay or infections, as well as teeth crowding

  • Serves a simpler, cost-effective solution compared compared with root canals and so on

  • Also can be for removing wisdom teeth, which can cause discomfort and become a source of bacteria growth

About the procedure

  • Dr. Park and you can discuss if an extraction fits your needs the best

  • If your tooth requires a specialist, Dr. Park will provide you with a list of referrals

  • Though if your procedure is done by Dr. Park, you'll receive numbing agents, after which your tooth will be removed


  • A cost-effective solution to tooth decay, toothaches, or infections

  • You'll have other options in the future such as implants or partial dentures

  • Our post-op care for you will include full plans for recovery, over-the-counter medications, and answers for your questions

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