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Porcelain Veneers


  • Reinforces tooth's exterior, if it's been worn, chipped, or dulled over time

  • Provides an easy cosmetic solution for discolored teeth, which is longer term than teeth whitening

  • Can correct uneven or irregularly spaced teeth, to make for a smoother bite

About the procedure

  • You'll begin with an appointment dedicated towards prepping the tooth surface

  • While your custom-designed porcelain veneer is made, you'll have a temporary veneer added

  • Usually in a second appointment, your permanent porcelain veneer will get bonded to your tooth


  • An extremely durable, long-term solution to reinforcing your tooth

  • A porcelain veneer which is quite easy to polish to maintain a natural, white color

  • A guide from us for how to properly maintain your veneer for the long-term

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