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Dental Crowns & Bridges


  • Protects a weak tooth (due to trauma or decay) from breaking or cracking​

  • Helps the recovery process of an already broken tooth to strengthen​

  • Supports teeth when a large filling needs to be added but there's not so much tooth left​

About the procedure

  • The decay in the area will be cleaned, pain-free with the help of numbing agents​

  • Your tooth foundation will be built-up for the solution to be long-term. In the meantime, you'll have a temporary crown​

  • After some time in getting your crown / bridge manufactured, it will be attached in a matching shade to your tooth color


  • A better protected tooth, in the anticipation of trauma / decay or afterwards​

  • An aesthetic solution, since your crown / bridge will match the color of your existing teeth​

  • Overall improvement of the area around the tooth, such as the gums which may have been damaged or decayed​

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