Root Canals

Root Canals

Have you spoken with your dentist about cavities? Maybe rather than saying cavities he said tooth decay.

Both terms are the same. In essence, they’re holes that form within teeth, caused by lots of bacteria feasting on your leftover (often sugary) foods, producing acids in the process. From there, the gumbo of the acids, saliva, food particles, and bacteria form plaque on your teeth.

As the last steps, the plaque on your teeth almost acts like rust on a car — weakening your teeth until the enamel opens up. From there, attracted by the tooth pulp inside your teeth, bacteria infiltrates your teeth, which we humans feel as tooth sensitivity, toothaches, and pain while chewing.

Poor oral hygiene routine is the main reason for cavities showing up, and when that happens you need dental treatment like a root canal. It ends with getting a protective crown on your tooth.

If you suffer of those symptoms: tooth sensitivity, tooth pain, visible holes in your teeth, or black / white staining on your teeth, please don’t hesitate in contacting us or walk-in to our Calgary dental clinic where we will provide you with proper dental care from our skilled, experienced dentist, Dr James Park.

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