Dr. James Park

Know more about Dr. James Park

Know more about Dr. James Park, owner of Glenbrook Dental in Calgary SW

Dr. James Park is a graduate of University of Alberta with a DDS degree in 1985. Dr. Park is able to provide his patients with over 30 years of dental experience in all aspects of general dentistry. The advancement of dental technologies and many years of dental practice experience allow him to provide exceptional dental care to his patients. However, he will not hesitate to recommend the services of dental specialists for procedures that require special care.
Dr. Park is a graduate of the prestigious and internationally renowned Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies. Some of the programs that he completed are listed as follows:
– 2001, Advanced Functional Aesthetic Dentistry
– 2002, Comprehensive Aesthetic Reconstruction
– 2003, Advanced Posterior Aesthetics
– 2004, Neuromuscular Cororoplasity
Dr. Park has a special interest in the treatment of TMJ ( Jaw Joint Discomfort ), and in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Park obtained his Sedation Dentistry Certification in 2011. He takes a great deal of satisfaction from providing dentistry in a comfortable and relaxed setting for his patients.
Beginning 2015, Dr. Park has been offering Invisalign treatment to his patients. Our patients are quickly realizing just how easy the process is and how far the orthodontic technologies have advanced. In his free time, you will find him on a golf course and spending time with his wife and three children.