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Detecting Decay with the Diagnodent

What does the Diagnodent do?

The diagnodent is a valuable technology in aiding the detection of decay at the earliest stages, enabling us to preserve tooth structure by restoring only the small decayed portion of the tooth.

How it works

It uses Laser Fluorescence Technology to detect below the surface cavities. Studies have proven that this technology is the most accurate and reliable method for diagnosing when combined with x-rays.

Using it at Glenbrook

At Glenbrook Dental, we are finding Diagnodent very useful in detecting the sub-surface cavities that were previously difficult to diagnose.

While the top surface of the tooth is hard, a cavity which has already penetrated a small portion of the enamel can grow undetected in the soft dentin layers; the undetected decay in the lower layers of a tooth can grow until the damage is severe enough to be seen on a dental x-ray.

It’s also useful for checking teeth that we are unable to see with x-rays (i.e. children under 2 years of age, people with extreme gag reflexes, malpositioned wisdom teeth). Suspicious areas can be monitored easily to avoid “surprise” deep cavities or toothaches.

When used in conjunction with x-rays, we can detect cavities when they are smaller. Therefore, fillings can also be smaller, preserving more healthy tooth structure.

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