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A Quicker and Easier Way to Whiten Your Teeth

Iveri Speed Teeth Whitening Kit

This professional-level light-activated home whitening system delivers visible results in only 20 minutes, with no need for custom trays or uncomfortable, messy whitening strips. Ideal for patients who want to lighten teeth quickly before important events, such as weddings or professional portraits. Package includes one LED light, one attachable reusable whitening tray, four 3.5ml syringes of whitening agent, one shade chart, and instructions for use.


  1. Open the bottom battery cover of the whitening LED Light and connect the battery (a battery is provided in the package)
  2. Connect the attachable whitening tray “it just slides in”
  3. If you press the button on the unit you should feel it vibrate and a blue light turns on. Start off by taking a baseline shade of your teeth. (A shade guide is provided in the package)
  4. Dispense a thin layer of gel along the front edges of the tray (top and bottom) **Do not overfill the tray**
  5. Turn the light on and insert the tray into your mouth. Move the tray side to side to ensure the gel covers all the tooth surfaces.
  6. The recommended treatment time is 20 minutes; however, the LED light will automatically shut off every 10 minutes.
  7. After treatment, remove the tray, rinse your mouth with warm water, and brush your teeth to remove any excess gel.
  8. Take a final shade of your teeth. Treatment can be repeated immediately for better results.
  9. If you aren’t achieving your desired results after 2-3 applications, please speak with your dental professionals.

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